Schalke 04: Ahmed Kutucu becoming what he doesn’t need to be

Schalke, Ahmed Kutucu (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)
Schalke, Ahmed Kutucu (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images) /

Schalke 04 is really doing a number on Ahmed Kutucu, and if they aren’t careful he’s going to become something he never should have been.

Let me go ahead and say this again, since it still amazes me every time I do—Ahmed Kutucu has yet to start a Bundesliga match this year for Schalke 04. Somehow, someway, David Wagner has continued to avoid just giving him a chance. Because apparently the 34 total goals on the season is proof that we don’t need that much help at striker.

Unsurprisingly, in his substitute appearances, Ahmed Kutucu has struggled to score of late too, just like everyone else wearing the Royal Blue. You could make the argument that he isn’t helping his case to start by not scoring as a sub, but that’s asinine.

What we really should be worrying about is Kutucu being morphed into a desperation striker who, knowing that he only has 30ish minutes to play, tries to change the world all by himself. Because he knows that clearly he isn’t doing enough to merit a start.

Schalke 04 better be careful with Ahmed Kutucu

Maybe I’m overthinking this, but in my quest to understand David Wagner’s logic in not starting Kutucu, my mind goes to many, many dark places, and this is one such place.

Take Werder Bremen for example. Kutucu came on relatively early for Michael Gregoritsch and the young Turkish striker immediately settled in. He took seventeen touches, played some bold passes, and snapped off three shots, all of which ended up being blocked.

That’s kind of who Kutucu is already—he’s an instigator. Which is why we all love him. He isn’t afraid to do something bold or brash in an attempt to lift his side. But my concern is that he will get more and more desperate to prove himself, when he shouldn’t need to prove himself at all, that he’ll start making worse and worse decisions.

Unfortunately, Bremen was not a good match for Kutucu. He drilled himself into the ground, he tried too hard, it wasn’t a good showing. Which is sad, because I can’t help but feel like my fear here is already coming true. He wants to help the club so badly, but he’s being isolated to such small amounts of time, that he’s bound to continue to drill himself into the ground.

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He needs to be out there from the opening whistle. To be a part of a steady build. To be on the pitch when we aren’t losing.