Schalke 04: Ralf Fahrmann isn’t a hard puzzle to solve

Schalke 04, Ralf Fahrmann (Photo by Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates/Getty Images)
Schalke 04, Ralf Fahrmann (Photo by Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Apparently Schalke 04 hasn’t exactly figured out what role, if any, Ralf Fahrmann will play on the squad next year. It’s really not that hard, though.

Schalke 04 can’t seem to figure out how much they trust Markus Schubert and, to be fair, it’s a little hard to tell when he’s left stranded time and time again and forced into unsalvageable situations that leave him grasping at air.

With Alexander Nubel leaving, however, David Wagner has his hands tied. Do you leave in the guy who’s walking to an immediate rival, who is himself quite error-prone, or do you trust the guy who’s still learning on the job, chose this team specifically, and is maybe a bit error-prone?

Good luck with making that decision properly. But if you want to build a team that has confidence at the back, you have to have a keeper worth investing full confidence in and, right now, neither Nubel nor Schubert has that. Which means that unless something changes next season, we won’t have it then either.

Schalke’s task is easy—invest in Ralf Fahrmann

Which is what makes Ralf Fahrmann such an easy puzzle to solve. Forget all these rumors linking Die Knappen to a new keeper. Why in the world would we want to be spending money on a new keeper when one of the best keepers in club history is just waiting to come back home?

Fahrmann is pretty much a club legend, he’s only 31 which is quite young in keeper years, and through all the seasons when he was in control, we had that elusive confidence at the back that we can’t seem to fully find.

Don’t spend anything on a keeper unless that money is going towards wages for Schubert and Fahrmann. Those are the only two keepers we need, and it helps Schake immensely if they can just forget everything and trust Fahrmann again. They save money and they save face all in one fell swoop.

Honestly, it looked like such a sure thing that I started going and getting all excited about it. Now there’s talk that the club doesn’t know what to make of the Fahrmann situation and all I can say is if he wants the No. 1 job, give it to him. It’s his job anyway.

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Thankfully, that’s still likely the way this will all pan out, but nothing can ever be easy. There have to be conflicting headlines and nasty rumors and all kinds of things. Fahrmann is coming home.