Schalke 04 vs Dortmund: Player ratings from the Revierderby

Schalke 04(Photo by MARTIN MEISSNER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Schalke 04(Photo by MARTIN MEISSNER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Schalke 04, Salif Sane
Schalke 04, Salif Sane (Photo by MARTIN MEISSNER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /


3.5. As always, an underrated defensive presence. A tremendous block in the 40th minute to deny Hakimi in a one-on-one situation and, while it’s not saying much, he was our best defender on the day. Again—not saying much.. CB. FC Schalke 04. MATIJA NASTASIC

CB. FC Schalke 04. SALIF SANE. 3.4. Wonderful to have his cool composure back there, even if it wasn’t as cool and composed as we needed. It was his inability to track Haland that led to Dortmund’s opening goal and he didn’t do much to make up for it in any of the subsequent goals. Has to get a bonus for the face block though. And it’s great to have him back, despite the hideousness of this match.

3.0. Being tasked with cleaning up after Oczipka didn’t work, as he doesn’t have enough pace to make up for anything that Oczipka let slip by. When he was on the other side, he had the same problem. Just didn’t have the pace to keep up with Dortmund attackers and it left him as burnt toast too often. Taken off at half due to injury and it was just not a good match for him.. CB. FC Schalke 04. JEAN-CLAIR TODIBO