Schalke 04 is not Bayern Munich’s training ground, thank you very much

Alexander Nubel, Schalke 04 (Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Alexander Nubel, Schalke 04 (Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images) /

Bayern Munich is being encouraged to loan Alexander Nube back to Schalke. Which is one of the most asinine ideas in all human history.

For anyone that’s missed the memo, I am not a big fan of Alexander Nubel. I was, but then he declared he’d be leaving Schalke for Bayern Munich and I became an even bigger fan of David Wagner for benching Nubel and stripping him of the captaincy.

As with most fans, I’m tired of seeing player contracts run up and then them ditching their humble roots in Gelsenkirchen for the glitz and glamor of somewhere “bigger”, where they probably won’t live up to their own expectations (*cough* Max Meyer *cough*).

It’s beyond disrespectful to the club that raised them. I understand it happens, but it shouldn’t happen this much. And honestly, at least Max Meyer had the decency to leave the Bundesliga.

Schalke won’t take Alexander Nubel on loan because Schalke is not Bayern Munich’s plaything

Apparently not everyone understands that, as Sepp Maier has suggested that Bayern Munich loan Nubel back to Schalke so that he can play, because he shouldn’t be sitting on the Bayern Munich bench.

Duh. That’s what we said, and David Wagner, and probably every other person who had even a passing conversation with Nubel about his future. He is not going to unseat Manuel Neuer, so he’s going to be sitting and watching Neuer until his time is up and, frankly, Neuer isn’t exactly getting worse with age.

But Nubel cast his lot. He threw in with Bayern Munich and abandoned Nubel in the middle of a race for a European spot and there is absolutely no chance in hell we would ever take him back. That is, unless he just wants to sit on the bench here, rather than at Bayern.

Markus Schubert is going to be taking the No. 1 keeper jobs for the rest of the season, as David Wagner made plainly clear, and next year, we’ll be getting Ralf Fahrmann, a club legend, back from loan and he is fired up to fight for that No. 1 job. I’d rather have Fahrmann and Schubert than any other outside signing anyway. And I’d sure as hell rather either one of them than Nubel on loan from Bayern.

We aren’t Bayern’s training grounds. We aren’t just going to take their players and help them get the playing time they can’t get at the Allianz. Get this nonsense out of here, I can’t believe it was even suggested in the first place.