Schalke: 5 key players in Bundesliga’s Revierderby return

Schalke 04, Amine Harit, Benito Raman (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)
Schalke 04, Amine Harit, Benito Raman (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images) /
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FC Schalke, Amine Harit, Benito Raman
Schalke (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Bundesliga returns next weekend with the Revierderby taking centerstage. Here are Schalke 04’s five key players to the match.

Well, at long last, the Bundesliga has gotten the green light to return to action. And it’s going to continue right where we left it, with Schalke kicking things off in a Revierderby. Dortmund and Schalke find themselves in completely different situations, with Dortmund having soared before the pause and Schalke having plummeted.

None of that matters now, though. What matters now is kicking things off again. Whatever happened before doesn’t mean it’s going to keep happening now. During the pause, mindsets reset, players returned to health, they put bad times behind them. They started to look forward again. We’ve seen transitions during international breaks, this break was even longer.

And besides, it’s the Revierderby. Just because Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig had their way with Die Knappen doesn’t mean that Dortmund, who are in the same ballpark as the other two, will do the same. In fact, it’s more likely the opposite. Dortmund can’t even protect 4-0 leads against us.

Schalke can topple Dortmund if these five players produce

Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, let’s talk about the five key players to ensuring that this Revierderby restarts the Schalke season in the right way. We start with No. 5.

5. Amine Harit

Amine Harit is in his own drought. Or rather, he was in his own drought. But since everyone is looking at a fresh start, Amine Harit is too. He is such a crucial piece in getting this attack started, as he remains arguably our only creative force, whose primary objective is to make things happen.

If Harit can get involved, that means, that Schalke is maintaining a good deal of possession, and if he does get involved, he has to make the most out of his abilities, pushing play forward, finding the attacking threats and, when the time comes, finishing off attacking moves as well.

The good news is, Amine Harit is Amine Harit. He’s a superstar. Put him in a high-pressure situation and he will respond appropriately. The Revierderby is a different ballgame.

No. 4. is next.