Schalke 04: Amine Harit doesn’t care about silly transfer rumors

Schalke 04 are set to return to action, and for Amine Harit, that’s all that matters, forget about what everyone else is talking about.

The Bundesliga is set to return May 16th, and that gives Schalke 04 a week to get their ducks in a row. No worries there though, as they are back in training, getting back to health, and ready to resume their battle for a European League place. Which will be made a lot easier if Amine Harit has his wits about him and can return in better form than he left.

Thankfully, that doesn’t look like it will be much of a question. Amine Harit has been linked to a move to Barcelona, but for the Moroccan midfielder, that doesn’t matter. What matters is exactly what’s ahead for him—the return of the Bundesliga.

“I read all these rumours like you. The only thing that worries me is playing the remaining nine games in the Bundesliga. My goal is to set the mood. Then Barca, Real [Madrid], … whatever, any club that comes, I’ll see,” he said, via

Amine Harit doesn’t care about your silly rumors. Schalke all the way!

Harit is going to play the rest of his days with links to Barcelona and Real Madrid, among others, so it’s always nice to have it reaffirmed that none of that matters to him. What matters are the matches ahead.

Thankfully, Schalke 04 was able to lock Harit down to a long-term deal earlier this year, thus eliminating all risk of a premature departure. While some players, like Suat Serdar, are still in need of similar contracts, Harit being locked in gives Die Knappen a vaulting point to build their attack off.

These rumors are pesky things. Like flies on a carcass, they won’t go away, and it’s hard to distinguish truth from fiction when it comes to what a player actually knows, but for Harit, the genuine response couldn’t feel more authentic. His eyes are on only one thing—the rest of the Bundesliga season. There is no room for questioning that dedication in his words, and that being the case, we can go forward with full faith that when he gets back on the pitch, his mind will be nowhere else.

Harit’s form before the pause left a lot to be desired, but this season has been massive for him, with better goal production than ever before. Getting him back to top form is going to be crucial in ensuring that Schalke 04 keeps their spot in a European competition.