Schalke: Nothing is more important than Suat Serdar extension

Schalke 04, Suat Serdar (Photo by Bernd Thissen/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Schalke 04, Suat Serdar (Photo by Bernd Thissen/picture alliance via Getty Images) /

Exciting reports from Germany indicate that Schalke is exploring a contract extension for Suat Serdar. Let’s make this clear—nothing is more important.

Schalke has a lot to consider going into this coming transfer window, and a lot of that consideration comes down to how the rest of the season plays out. There are a lot of moving pieces already, and a lot of things that David Wagner will have to continue to monitor, but no matter what happens, no matter what, Suat Serdar has to stay.

No matter what the situation entails, losing Serdar is too big of a blow to weather. Consider the worst-case scenario—Schalke miss out on European League play, they can’t get a new target striker, they’re left with largely the same team.

You can’t not have Serdar’s innovation in that situation. It would be detrimental, even if we can sell Serdar for a healthy chunk. Chances are—and the chances are pretty overwhelming—that whoever we get in his stead wouldn’t be as immediately viable.

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Then you think about the best-case scenario. Best-case scenario is we get into European competition, we get a new target striker who we need to supply. In that situation, you also can’t not have Serdar in that situation.

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While I have all the faith in the world in Weston McKennie and Omar Mascarell, neither serves in the creative pivot role that Serdar thrives in. Without Serdar, all that progression is tossed into question. You have a new striker, you have serious midweek fixtures, and you don’t have a dynamic central midfield goal threat?

That’s just as dicey and potentially detrimental as missing out on everything and losing him.

To put it as simply as possible, Serdar is a centerpiece. This may be his breakout year, but rest assured we are still only scratching the surface. His inability to stay healthy and on the pitch has impacted his ability to stay consistent. If you start letting him get 2500-3000 minutes, imagine what he can do with it. We don’t want to find out what he can do with that while watching him play somewhere else. We want that when he’s here. Duh.

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There is nothing more important than getting Serdar locked down safely. Forget getting a new striker for a second, forget how the season pans out. Serdar is a prolific centerpiece of this team who’s continued stay at the club would be even more impactful than Amine Harit‘s.