Schalke: 3 reasons you can’t do better than Arkadiusz Milik

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FC Schalke, Arkadiusz Milik (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

Out of the blue, Schalke have a tangible link to a perfect striker solution—Arkadiusz Milik. Here are three reasons he is the perfect solution.

FC Schalke needs help in the attack and they need it badly. More than anywhere else, they have to sort out the striker situation. They have tried so many things this year and nothing has worked. Other than Benito Raman who is, unfortunately, just one man.

Between Guido Burgstaller, Mark Uth, Rabbi Matondo, Ahmed Kutucu (kind of), and Michael Gregoritsch, Die Knappen have found zero cohesiveness and reliability in the attack. It’s not been good and it has to take top priority this coming transfer window.

This problem is an easy one to solve simply because it is so clear and distinct, but they still have to make the necessary steps forward to make the right addition, not sticking with Gregoritsch or trying out Burgstaller again.

Enter Arkadiusz Milik. A striker who I have only ever dreamt would be at Schalke. But as it stands, he is the pinnacle of transfer success. And here are three reasons why.

3. He’s not an experiment

Michael Gregoritsch—Experiment. Rabbi Matondo—Experiment. I would even call Ahmed Kutucu an experiment since he hasn’t been properly vetted yet. The only non-experiments are Burgstaller and Uth and that’s cause they’re basically just outright failures at this point.

Arkadiusz Milik is not an experiment. He’s not another attempt to strike gold. He is a tried and true, proven striker who has been scoring goals on a professional level for years now. Internationally, he’s even more of a stalwart. He’s Poland’s future at striker and even though he never became the next Robert Lewandowski, he has established himself as a respected international striker.

If Schalke are able to get Milik, they know exactly what they are getting. They don’t have to wonder if he will score goals. They don’t have to stress about how he will fit into the current attacking structure. He will be the attacking structure and the whole club will be better off because of it.

Piggybacking at No. 2.

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