Schalke: 5 rightback transfer options to replace Jonjoe Kenny

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Schalke, Joakim Maehle (Photo by Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport/MB Media/Getty Images)

FC Schalke will be wanting to extend the stay of Jonjoe Kenn, but in a future where they cannot, here are five alternatives to be excited about.

Generally, loans are a no-lose situation. You get a player to fill a role and if you like him, you buy him. The one time they can have severe drawbacks is in the situation that FC Schalke are currently in with Jonjoe Kenny. Both club and Kenny want to stay together, but unless they can convince Everton to part ways with him, it’s all for naught. There was no purchase clause attached to his move.

Jonjoe Kenny has been incredibly reliable for Schalke this year, with few exceptions. There have been rare matches where he’s been caught wildly ill-equipped to handle the pressure, but these have been in the total collapse matches.

Aside from those, his perfect combination of defense and attack has made him invaluable on both ends of the pitch. And being so young, he has tremendous upside to couple with his present-day viability.

That makes him a tough one to replace because we want the same thing. The mixture of youth and present-day relevance, attack and defense. The modern rightback should have the attack and defense covered, but finding someone who is both young and viable is the tough part.

Still, I’ve done my best to give us five options that check off all the boxes.

We will start with No. 5.

5. DeAndre Yedlin

Let’s stay in the Premier League, just for one guy. I have always been a fan of DeAndre Yedlin, as he boasts some of the best speed in the game. Currently at Newcastle where he’s been for a while, Yedlin has been a consistent force over in England, but with the allure of a new challenge, Schalke might be able to woo him with a starting job.

With three goals and ten assists in five years in the Premier League, there’s certainly a value to his presence and one that would match what Jonjoe Kenny is presently giving us.

Moving on to No. 4.

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