Schalke attempting to sign Leipzig goalkeeper

Yvon Mvogo of RB Leipzig (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)
Yvon Mvogo of RB Leipzig (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images) /

FC Schalke 04 have one of the Bundesliga’s most promising goalkeepers in Markus Schubert, but that hasn’t stopped them from being linked with multiple transfers.

Although FC Schalke 04 will lose Alexander Nübel to Bayern Munich on a free transfer this summer, the have another young goalkeeper set to take his place in Markus Schubert. And between the two of them, Schubert had the better 2019-2020 season.

However, Schubert’s encouraging performances as a 21-year-old haven’t stopped the Royal Blues from looking into goalkeeping options. Zack Steffen is off the table, but Hendrik van Crombrugge could be an option if Schalke truly feel like Schubert isn’t ready to start yet.

The problem is that Schalke will have limited funds to work with this summer, so spending money on van Crombrugge as a dubious upgrade over Schubert, who looks like the future for this team, would probably be unwise. And the Royal Blues already have a productive, former captain in Ralf Fährmann as a veteran backup.

If Schalke want to sign another goalkeeper, then rolling the dice on a prospect could be wise.

Agent Carlos Crespo recently told Blick, via’s Ronan Murphy, that the Royal Blues want to sign RB Leipzig backup goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo.

Crespo stated that Leipzig are approving of a sale, but they have been unable to find a team willing to take Mvogo on loan. Therefore, they will either have to loan Mvogo with an option to buy or sell him outright.

A loan with an option to buy seems to make the most sense for Schalke and Leipzig. It gives Leipzig the opportunity to keep Mvogo, but it also gives the option for the Royal Blues to purchase him depending on what happens. Mvogo could prove to be their best option, a new situation could develop at goalkeeper, or the Royal Blues could be forced to say “no” if their financial situation becomes troublesome.

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Mvogo has only made three starts over the past three seasons for Leipzig with two appearances for the Switzerland national team. He has no real path to playing time behind Peter Gulasci, who is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. At 25, Mvogo needs to start getting some playing time, so Schalke is an interesting spot for a player valued at only three million euros by Transfermarkt.