Schalke: 3 key players to overcoming FC Koln and getting back on track

Schalke 04, Benito Raman, Amine Harit (Photo by Lars Baron/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Schalke 04, Benito Raman, Amine Harit (Photo by Lars Baron/Bongarts/Getty Images) /
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Schalke are down in the dumps, and we desperately need a pick me up against FC Koln. Here are the three guys most important to assist in that regard.

Schalke (Photo by Lars Baron/Bongarts/Getty Images) /

You’re really not supposed to lose 5-0 when you’re competing to get into a Champions League slot. Mostly because you really aren’t in a place to be in the Champions League at all if you can be thoroughly eviscerated to that end. FC Schalke have lost 5-0 twice.

I would argue that we never recovered from the Bayern Munich loss. Disappointing, dead results followed and it was clear that the Blues were a bit shell-shocked, afraid to lose that big again. Hard to blame them, but still, you’re professionals, you gotta pick yourself up.

With the top five still in range, RB Leipzig came into our home and smacked us around just as bad. Which is just completely wrong on all levels. And as a result, even our best players can’t figure out what to do.

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With all that pessimism now fresh in our minds, let’s turn optimistic and focus on the three guys who can get us out of the dumps against FC Koln. You will notice a theme to these three guys. They all have one thing in common, one overarching job that ties them together.

Let’s start with No. 3.

3. Benito Raman

When Benito Raman first broke through the scene, I commented that he was going to alleviate the burden placed on Amine Harit. For so long we were counting on Harit to do just about everything, and now we finally found a guy in Raman who could create for himself, put the finishing touches on attacks and just be an all-around excellent attacking option.

It worked, but it hasn’t lately.

A lot of that comes down to service. Benito Raman is a speedy guy, with good footwork, but he needs more people around him, doing things, if it’s going to work out the way it has been.

It’s not hard to get Benito Raman involved in the attack. But it does sometimes take a little bit more than huffing the ball up the pitch and waiting for him to chase it down. get him involved and he will change the game.