Schalke: 3 things you have to understand about Ahmed Kutucu

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Schalke saw their match against Paderborn completely turn around with Ahmed Kutucu’s introduction. In response, here are three things you have to know about him.

Schalke, Ahmed Kutucu (Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images)

FC Schalke weren’t able to get the desired result at home against Paderborn, and amidst the blazing disappointment that the match was, we can’t lose track of one of the massive positives—Ahmed Kutucu completely changed the face of the match.

Michael Gregoritsch seemed to suck the air out of the match from the opening whistle, but the minute he came off for Kutucu, things turned around. Kutucu got involved straight off, engineering an attack that nearly ended in a goal, and it was just minutes later that he put the finishing touches on a goal for himself.

Kutucu nearly scored again not long after, whipping a curler on target from deep in the box, but Zingerle made the save.

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Kutucu changed everything in this match, and I want to draw extra special attention to some things that we all need to understand about Kutucu in order to fully appreciate why he is so amazing and why he needs to be playing more minutes for Die Knappen. Even if that means shoving Gregoritsch to the side. (But not Benito Raman.)

So here we go, here are three things you absolutely have to understand about Kutucu and his year thus far.

We start with No. 3.

3. Super duper homegrown

Something you all probably already know, but being at the club since the ripe old age of 11, Ahmed Kutucu is as Schalke as it gets. He bleeds blue, he mines for gold, insert your favorite Schalke cliche here and it works. Kutucu is it. He’s the guy. He wants to blossom like a beautiful blue flower (okay I’ll stop now) and lead this attack.

Being so homegrown, there is always an added dose of determination when he takes the pitch, and you won’t see it anywhere better than the Paderborn match. Between him and Gregoritsch, there were miles of separation in quality. Kutucu wanted it more and that showed from the first minute.

Moving on to No. 2.

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