FC Schalke 04: Michael Gregoritsch is ready for Bayern

FC Schalke 04 has prepared all week long for what should be a revenge game against Bayern Munich. New midfielder Michael Gregoritsch recently spoke his mind about what awaits later today.

Today’s matchup between FC Schalke and Bayern Munich promises to be a great one as there is a lot to play for on both sides. Schalke is trying to end a massive losing streak to Bayern that dates back all the way to 2011. Bayern is trying to continue adding wins to their column to prove they’re ready to go all the way. It won’t be easy, especially since previous matches haven’t been all that great for Schalke.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Schalke have lost their last 16 matches against Bayern as they will do whatever it takes to end this losing streak and prove they can compete with the best of them. The good news for the Royal Blues is their roster has improved and looks like it finally found a missing piece that can turn them into contenders again.

Midfielder Michael Gregoritsch is the new guy in town and if his last match is any indication, he could be exactly what Die Knappen needs to start something special right now. A big win here could put a damper on their plans for a championship run later on in the season but the truth of the matter is, this match will likely be a great one featuring two teams with a lot to prove.

Even Gregoritsch couldn’t help but chime in on this matchup. In an article written by Dietmar Nolte reporting from Gelsenkirchen for Bundesliga.com, here is what Gregoritsch had to say on what to expect against Bayern:

“There is everything to play for. We don’t need to hide. We know Bayern Munich are a brilliant team but it’s also a nice feeling to be in the top third of the table and travel to Munich knowing that it’s a top game. I’ve not experienced that before.”

It’s clear that Gregoritsch is sharing the sentiments of the rest of his teammates as they’ll be ready for what awaits in a game where they can truly make a name for themselves. Considering that this is the first time that he’s entering a match of this magnitude, one better believe he’ll be ready to rise to the challenge and hopefully deliver.

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If they were to pull the big upset, it could be exactly what Schalke needs to start turning things around from here on out. Make no mistake about it, Gregoritsch will have a big part in whether or not they can get the job done since preparation is everything in big matches like this. By the looks of it and the rest of his team in practice this week, Schalke is ready to silence the critics.

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