FC Schalke vs Freiburg player ratings: One point salvaged?

Schalke 04 (Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Schalke 04 (Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images) /
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CDM. FC Schalke. OMAR MASCARELL. 7.5. Rampaging as always. Although rampaging sounds a bit brash. Let’s call it “effectively patrolling” since he’s always in so much control. This time he got involved in the attack as well, creating several chances and driving play further up the pitch than he normally does. Also apparently the only only guy who can tackle Chang-Hoon without fouling him.

7.7. <strong>Man of the Match</strong>. Unbelievable for the opening goal. Started the move, used his strength to keep possession. When he fed Benito Raman, he never stopped and his anticipation was pristine to be right where he needed to be to put the finishing touch on Raman’s pass. Continued to have a clear impact on the match throughout, creating and shooting and dribbling and doing all the things that we’re used to only seeing in Serdar’s big moments.. CDM. FC Schalke. SUAT SERDAR

6.5. Sloppy early, but as we’ve come to understand, that rarely keeps him down for the match. And that was the case again here. Started to assert himself before half time but faded again and remained a bit of a quiet presence on the day. Had his moments of springing up from that quietness, but overall a diminutive performance.. CAM. FC Schalke. AMINE HARIT