Schalke: Ahmed Kutucu anticipation is literal torture

Schalke 04, Ahmed Kutucu (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Bundesliga/Bundesliga Collection via Getty Images)
Schalke 04, Ahmed Kutucu (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Bundesliga/Bundesliga Collection via Getty Images) /

FC Schalke have a true blue Knappen in Ahmed Kutucu, so the anticipation to see him come to fruition is literally turning in to torture.

It’s never that surprising when a young player pops up on the FC Schalke scene and Ahmed Kutucu was no different last year when he showed up from the youth squad in the wake of Guido Burgstaller‘s struggles. He scored goals, he looked the part, it was all great stuff.

This year, it hasn’t gone so swimmingly, and it’s at the point now where you have to ask why. With neither Guido Burgstaller nor Mark Uth scoring a goal yet, Die Knappen have been counting on Rabbi Matondo, Amine Harit and Benito Raman to do the goal scoring duties, with Kutucu serving as a late sub, if at all.

Kutucu made his international debut for Turkey alongside Ozan Kabak and was a part of the starting XI that secured their spot in the Euros. That’s kind of a big deal for a player that is brimming to get into the Schalke starting XI as well.

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Ironically, Kabak has gotten his call to the Schalke XI in the wake of the Benjamin Stambouli and Salif Sane injuries, and he has taken the chance well enough to inspire immediate and near complete confidence in his abilities.

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Kutucu wants the same up front, where you’d think that, in the void of Burgstaller and Uth, he wouldn’t be having as much trouble as he has been.

To compile, Kutucu spoke after his international appearances and wholeheartedly rubbished any and all rumors linking him to a move away from the club. He expressed that he wanted nothing more than to make it at Schalke, and that he would be patient for his opportunity in the meantime.

Everything lines up for Kutucu. The parallels with Kabak, the break out last year, the goal scoring prowess, the passion for the club. These are all vital pieces of success in a youngster. The only missing step is a prolonged opportunity, and waiting for him to get it has been akin to torture as more and more things are lining up to propel his career forward before it even really gets started.

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We can only hope that David Wagner sees the same. And he does. It’s just a matter of taking the step and giving him an opportunity. For someone like Kutucu, he’s not going to miss an opportunity more than once.